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Our Story

Shaftesbury VR makes advanced media and AR/VR products that improve healthcare experience, patient engagement and therapy. ShaftesburyVR’s positive distraction media system adjusts to individual users for maximum positive outcome. Based in Toronto, Canada, Shaftesbury VR was founded by Shaftesbury and is supported by decades of entertainment business acumen.

With hit tv shows in 115 countries , and an array of digital media accolades, the Shaftesbury management team knows how to reach audiences around the world.

Research Partners

Since 2015, Shaftesbury VR has been engaging in research planning and collaboration with hospitals, universities and research institutions.


Our Products

Ease of Use

Plug and play UI


To enhance patient benefit


System tracks user engagement from game sessions and adjusts for maximum positive outcome

Biometric Data

Data on patients’ use and stress levels can feed into patient monitoring systems

Patients choice

10-20 interactive releases a year, plus 360 degree video meditation and travel content from award winning video VR production companies, created to our specifications

Clinical Validation for All Products

Clinical advisors define real world needs

Backwards Compatible

Can be deployed with legacy patient engagement systems or in stand-alone clinical situations

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